Trinity I.T.I

Computer Operator & Programming Assistant (COPA)

Computer Operator & Programming Assistant is a computer operating craftsmen trade.Computer Operating & Programming Trade introduces students how to operate and manage the use of hardware systems,networks,minicomputers,control a single or a group of mainframes,setting functional controls and codes as instructed by programmers and other types of systems.The duration of course is one year with two semester of six months each.The trade is innovative and career-orienting in nature for students as they can find jobs after its successful passing

Skills Required

  • Students must be able to monitor and ensure timely and efficient processing of production requests through computer system as it is required during the operation
  • They should understand written sentences and paragaraph in work related documents,talking to others to convey information effectively and conrolling operations of systems
  • They should know how to monitor system for equipment failure or errors in performance