Trinity I.T.I

Mech.Refrigeration & Air Conditioning(MRAC)

Mechanical Refrigeration & Air Conditioning mechanics introduce, administer, and repair modern and business refrigerating frameworks and a mixed bag of refrigeration hardware. They take after diagrams, outline determinations, and producers guidelines to introduce engines, compressors, consolidating units, evaporators, channeling, and different parts. They associate this gear to the ventilation work, refrigerant lines, and electrical force source. In the wake of making the associations, cooler mechanics accuse the arrangement of refrigerant, check it for legitimate operation and breaks, and system control frameworks.

Skills Required

  • Students must utilize consideration to save, recoup, and reuse the refrigerants utilized as a part of ventilating and refrigeration frameworks. The arrival of these refrigerants can be hurtful to the earth
  • Capability to utilize a mixture of instruments to work with refrigerant lines and air channels, including sledges, wrenches, metal cuts, electric drills, channel cutters and binges, estimation gages, and acetylene lights