Trinity ITI College



"Small trickles join together and become river then it reaches to the ocean.Small works if you do with abundant enthusiasm you will reach to the ultimate success

To suceed ,education and learning are the foremost and essential foundation.Developing curiosity in every corner of the theme is the eleciting facet to start any small work.Curiosity makes you to reflect and plan with the aid of concealed potential within you.This pledges you to work with audacity and attentiveness,with this work gets done perfectly and which gives you the knowledge and power,ensuing in the phenomenal prosperous mission of goal gets accomplished.You will get podigious bliss

Dear students ,let not your goal be only earning money.Authentic goal comprises of six valuable aspects in that, early money is also one of the important aspect,equally valid other aspects are Health,Character,Fmily,Society and knowledge.When you succeed in attaining these six aspects of goal you are called a successful human being who can contribute to family,society and glorify self "

Trinity Institute of Industrial Training was started by Jnana Sadhana Educational trust ®,Udyavara in the year 1998 with a commitment to impart high quality technical education to develop the students as competent citizens with the spirit to serve the nation and the humanity by continually improving the capabilities to fulfill the aspirations of parents and the society.

TRINITY ITI courses aim to give the students hands on technical experience of real life work based issues. This enormously helps to prepare them for the real world of work when they finish the course. And this helps to explain why potential employers prefer to employ the students who are able to adapt very quickly into the real time working environment and make a practical contribution from day one.
Students usually spend most of their time listening to the lectures in most of the programs, whereas at TRINITY ITI, our students also spend considerable time in the workshop lab, where they are encouraged to apply what was taught in the classroom and induce the curiosity to see for themselves how, why and what makes things work.

The college has all the required infrastructure and excellent facilities for students to pursue their courses and also the college is constantly striving to improvise on the available facilities to make the students more equipped for the demanding, competitive and transition world