Trinity I.T.I




"Small trickles join together and become river then it reaches to the ocean.Small works if you do with abundant enthusiasm you will reach to the ultimate success

To suceed ,education and learning are the foremost and essential foundation.Developing curiosity in every corner of the theme is the eleciting facet to start any small work.Curiosity makes you to reflect and plan with the aid of concealed potential within you.This pledges you to work with audacity and attentiveness,with this work gets done perfectly and which gives you the knowledge and power,ensuing in the phenomenal prosperous mission of goal gets accomplished.You will get podigious bliss

Dear students ,let not your goal be only earning money.Authentic goal comprises of six valuable aspects in that, early money is also one of the important aspect,equally valid other aspects are Health,Character,Fmily,Society and knowledge.When you succeed in attaining these six aspects of goal you are called a successful human being who can contribute to family,society and glorify self "


Our vision is to become a top performing I.T.I and also to empower all students to be successful citizens, workers and leaders in a global economy by providing a pleasant atmosphere for vocational training to remarkable quality standard education which also encourages to widen strong self determining work habits.


Our mission is to provide adults to society with technical skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for successful performance in a highly effective workplace in a safe and supportive environment while emphasizing mastery of standards in all our curricular areas. Students who are successful in this environment build strong self-disciplined skills and independent work habits.

Permanently affiliated to National Council for Vocational Training (N.C.V.T) Govt. of India, Department of Employment and Training, New Delhi and Recognized by the Govt. of Karnataka. Emphasis is placed on training the students to develop skills and knowledge in technical areas that can have practical value in the workplace.Besides technical instruction, the programs of study offered at TRINITY focus on helping the students to develop problem solving, critical thinking, communication and teamwork skills.

State Government has implemented semester system in CTS scheme w.e.f. August 2013 in place of existing long term courses. Craftsmen Training System in semester pattern will be imparted as per the syllabus approved by the NCVT for each semester. The complete course of Craftsmen Training for all the trades (Engineering & Non-Engineering) will be delivered in one to four semesters each of six months duration depending upon the trade.

Training in any of the semesters is to be started from an academic session i.e. either in the month of August or February. On complete of the training period of particular semester, trade testing would be done under the aegis of NCVT in July and January every year. Examination for each semester; both for Trade theory, Workshop calculation & Science, Engineering drawing, Employability skills and Trade practical will be conducted based on the syllabus of the corresponding semester.

Trade Testing Cell of DGE&T would supply question paper for each semester. Evaluation of the answer books and practical exercises shall be carried out as per the existing system under NCVT. A mark–sheet would be issued by the State Government after each semester examination. A consolidated mark- sheet would be issued by the State Government after completing all the semester based on marks obtained in each semester examination. Five additional chances may be given to a trainee who has failed within a period of three years to pass each semester. Admission in second semester will be done without waiting for declaration of results of the first semester. For award of NTC, a trainee has to secure pass marks in each subject in each semester.

The students are trained in the following 8 departments of technical training courses
Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (Two Semesters) One Year
Mech.Refrigeration and Air – Conditioning (Four Semesters) Two Years
Motor Mechanic Vehicle (Four Semesters) Two Years
Industrial Mechanic (Four Semesters) Two Years
Electrician (Four Semesters) Two Years
Electronics Mechanic ( Four Semesters) Two Years
Secretarial Practice (Two Semesters) One Year
Medical Electronics Mechanic(Four Semesters) Two Years


To provide our students with the knowledge, skills and work-related experience required for successful careers and lifelong learning, industrial training and industrial visits are the part of the our training program and is mandatory for all the students which is conducted during their training period. As part of Industrial Visit, the trainees are made to frequently visit various industries related to their trade subject.


Apart from offering valuable academics, the management aims at providing incredible candidates by offering various certificate courses like Basic Computer, Tally, Type writing, Communication and Personality Development. We also offer additional courses like Fire and Safety, Computer Hardware and Servicing, AutoCAD, Auto Electrician, Automobile Mechanic, Marine and Diesel Mechanic, Electrician, Wiring, Winding, Mobile phone Servicing, CNC Machine operator, Welding, Two wheeler and Four wheeler Motor Driving Training to the students to enhance their all round potential. The objective of these courses is to motivate the students to learn some life – oriented programme which would help them to stand confidently in the future in addition to their academic education.


To offer whole person education to students and at the same time to enhance their academic performance English training and Computer classes are made compulsory to all the trade trainees to make them knowledgeable, confident, balanced and possess strong character and leadership attributes, communication skills and computer knowledge.


We have well ventilated Class rooms, Workshop Laboratories and Libraries which are fully equipped to impart practical knowledge to our students. We always strive to maintain our commitment to workplace experience as a key component to our student`s all round academic development. Our library subscribes to daily news papers, magazines of national standards and education journal, reference journal and text books.


It's a great honour for the institution on completing 15 years in imparting practical value based education and inculcating balanced high standard discipline among the students. The teaching staff, non teaching staff and the students are made to strictly follow the school timings


The college management gives utmost priority to faculty development initiatives. Members of the staff are encouraged to upgrade their knowledge as well as their skills by attending seminars, conferences, training sessions and workshops. The staff members are given all possible assistance to enhance their teaching skills.


The students are encouraged to take part in the indoor and outdoor games. It is indeed a must to neutralize the stress of study and clinical for the young students. The interclass sports competition is an annual event. Sports activities make our students physically energetic and psychologically vibrant. These sports activities are also equally important as the content of the syllabus. Our students have been taking active part in various competitions.

✓ COLLEGE MAGAZINE – ACTIVATED ARTISAN: The College Magazine is brought out annually with the objective of nourishing and giving exposure of the literary prowess to the students. The editorial board of the magazine comprises of the principal, students and teachers representation.